A Form of Remembering


2014 Memorial wall

An unfortunate event happened that took Isla Vista and UCSB by surprised. On the 23rd of May 2014, a person went around and shot people and struck people with his car. But to do what he did he also, unfortunately, stabbed his roommates and a friend that was visiting. He stabbed his roommates in order to go through with the crime. The victims consisted of his roommates and their friend and 3 other people passed away. The names of the 6 victims are Katherine Cooper, Christopher Martinez, Veronika Weiss, Weihan Wang, Cheng Hong and George Chen. There were many more victims that were shot or struck by the car, those victims survived the attack. Elliot Rodger was the name of the person who unfortunately ended to the lives these 6-great people.


That’s a bit of the background story to the creation of the memorial wall. This wall was dedicated for the students who passed away in that tragedy. When tragedy’s happen things like the memorial wall or other vigils come out of it. Some of the vigils are spontaneous and others are planned. In the case of the Memorial Wall the students were given the tools to write on the wall.

What is a memorial wall?

The memorial can have different purposes. I would say that the memorial wall is put in place in order to remember something. Not only remember an event or a person but, show that what happened is important and we as a community should remember the event. In my case, I believe memorial walls are also put into place to horror those who the wall is dedicated to. For this, the memorial wall is used in order to remember what happened on the 23rd of May. The wall also helps the community mourn the loss of those who passed away that day. According to Public Memorials in American life talks about how memorials conserve history and how we as a community connect with the event. A know memorial wall is

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. This wall was dedicated to those who fought and died in the Vietnam War. This memorial wall will always have great significance to those who loved one was part of the war. The families still go today to remember their loved ones.

Both the Memorial on campus and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall are similar in some ways and different in other ways. The Memorial Walls are similar in a sense they are a part of memory. To be more specific both walls are part of collective memory. They both help preserve history in a tangible way. One of the differences of the wall would be that the Vietnam Veteran Memorial wall is dedicated to the fallen soldiers who fought in the war. While the Memorial wall on campus is dedicated to those who passed away meanwhile they were getting an education.


Like this Memorial Wall, the Memorial Wall on campus is also very significant. The Memorial Wall was first located by the library. That’s where people who wanted to write on the Wall got the chance to write on it. The purpose for the wall at the time was for people to grieve and mourn what had just happened. The Memorial Wall is a practice that helps the community grieve. The memorial wall like other vigils is a necessary practice to help people mourn effectively. The practice of making and dedicating the memorial wall also gives a sense honoring those who the wall is dedicated to. The practice also lets people remember the past without letting it dictating the future. It gives people a voice and a way to expresses themselves in a safe way. This action brought the community closer together. It would have better of the tragedy did not happen but it did.

After the wall was moved by south hall on campus it still has a purpose. The purpose for the wall now is different from the one before. The practice of the Memorial Wall was to help people grieve in an effective way and remember those who lives were lost. The practice of the Memorial Wall is still there. Now the practice of having the Memorial Wall is to remember the past. People like myself that were not here when the tragedy happen don’t have an emotional connection. But the other people do have a connection to the wall. The practice of having the memorial wall up today is to honor those who lost their lives that day. But also to remember that as a community, it is a part of history. As a community we have to make sure that we use the practice as a tool for a better future. Not one more.