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Chloe Huang is a first year sociology major student at UCSB. She wants to work as a social worker after earning her degree. She would like to go to graduate school if possible. On her free time, she likes to go explore new places and meet people.

Remembering 9/11: National September 11 Memorial & Museum

On September  11, 2001, total of 19 terrorist from the Islamic extreme group hijacked four planes and flew into two skyscrapers at the World Trade Center in New York City. The buildings later caught on fire and collapsed which resulted in many death of innocent citizen.

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum locates in the World Trade Center which was previously destroyed due to the 9/11 attack. It is a commemorating site for the victims that were killed from the tourist attack.

National 9.11 Memorial August 2011 - Credit Joe Woolhead - 87_6

In the museum, there is Memorial’s twin reflection pool that are in a size of an acre and has the largest waterfall in North America. On the Memorial pools, the name of every individual who died from the attacked were inscribed into the bronze panels. It is a reminder for the large loss of people lives from the terrorist attack that took place on the American Soil and a tragedy in the modern American history.


In October 2001, a gallery pear tree was severely damaged from the 9/11 attack with burned and broken branches and snapped roots. It was later replaced and taken care by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and placed in the Memorial which became known as the “Survivor Tree”.  The recovery of the tree represents for rebirth for Americans today and it embodies the spirit of hope and strength.

By building a memorial site like this, people are able to visit and commemorate the victims and keep the date in mind. The museum covers every victims name where their family members can come visit and visitors can see. On the other hand, the Survivor Tree gives the nation new hope and shows people recovery is possible while remembering the past.

Historical pictures in Ucen


Walking through Ucen and passing through the hallway on the UCSB campus, you will see numerous historical pictures hung up on the wall both upstairs and downstairs. Ucen can count as the center of UCSB and a signature place where all visitors and students would visit. The purpose of the university center is simply to serve the students. Most of the pictures on the wall illustrated the construction and formation of the University Center back in the days. From the labels of the pictures, visitors can see that the construction started in the 1960s. The pictures are taken from different perspective in order to show people a full view of how did the Ucen look like when it was under construction. Through people’s hard work, the Ucen was able to look like how it looks today and provide students with great serviced. 

I selected few representative images below from the hallway of Ucen.


On the side of the picture, there is an enormous tree sitting in the center of the Pub. Now, the Pub is called the Hub and the look of it changed drastically. Replacing the tree, there’s more fun events for students and better dining options. The Hub features many different concerts and performances by varieties of artists to keep the school year exciting for students. Ucen Dining provides many options for students. There is organic food at Root 217, Chinese food at Panda Express, subway if students want something quick and easy to eat, Jamba Juice if you want something to drink and even more. As the time goes on, the Ucen is also modifying and improving to provide more service and convenience. Changes made at Ucen also made positive changes on students that gave them a better college experience.

Those pictures on the wall did not all only focused but also other surrounding landmarks around Ucen. Right next to the Ucen, there is Lagoon plaza where many students walk through it everyday. Outside of the Hub, there is outdoor seating and a lagoon lawn connecting the campus lagoon with Ucen. Those are the places where students walk pass by it or hang out there without noticing or paying attention to what they are called. They are simply a part of the campus but also underappreciated. Having pictures of those places in the hallway brings students attention to those places and make people appreciate the formation of those places more.


The picture shows a group of students sitting in a classroom, some are taking notes, some are reading books and some are looking at the professor. The classroom size looks a lot smaller than the classroom size we have now. When there was not a lot of technology involved back in the days, students were forced to pay attention in class. With the use of phone and laptops, it became easier for students to get distracted.


The picture depicts students walking around the campus. Even though they described the clothes students wearing at the time as relaxed, it seems to modern people that the clothes they were wearing is more formal than casual.

The University Center contributes to the intellectual, social and recreational life of students on campus. I passed by those historical pictures in Ucen many time, but never payed attention or looked at them closely until this assignment I had to do this for class. Looking at those pictures made me realized how much a place can changed over time. People nowadays are often too busy focusing on the present and forgets about how the past used to be. All the new technology are making people’s life better everyday, but we should always appreciate the past and how much it took for us to get to the place where we are at today.