Remembering 9/11


On September 11, 2001, an Islamic terrorist group did four attacks on the United States, causing 2,996 lives ( 2,977 victims + 19 hijackers). There were two planes crashed into the North and South tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. ┬áLater on,the two 110 story buildings collapsed because of the fire causing by the North and South Tower. There was a cloud of fear and anger all over United States at the time. Many people, especially the victims’ families had a very difficult time dealing with grief. All over America, people created remembrance sites, to show unity and that those people might have gone but never forgotten.


The attacks brought people together as one community to fight against all the negative feelings that they felt. To show that America will move forward from that point and become stronger. After the attacks, America has restricted many airplanes that enter the country.


In order to remember and honor each victims, America opened a 9/11 Museum.


Paper Cranes

The practice of paper cranes and the meaning behind it.

The paper crane originated from China, back then only rich people could afford paper to do paper crane for decoration or as a hobby. Later on the practice spreaded to Japan. The paper crane held a different new meaning in Japan. Sadako Sasaki, was exposed to atomic bomb’s ionizing radiation in 1945, which resulting her to develop leukemia, a cancer of the bone marrow. During the time leading to her death, Sadako folded one thousand paper cranes, each paper crane that she folded, she lets out her pain and suffering. After Sadako’s death, the paper crane symbolized peace and healing. In 2007, Sadako’s family started to donate her paper crane around the world to places that need peace and healing. The Sasaki’s family also gave a paper crane to Clifton Truman Daniel, whom grandfather, U.S President Harry S. ordered to atomic bombs during 1945, asking to send a message of peace.


What Happened in Isla Vista?

In 2014, in a small town called Isla Vista located in Santa Barbara, six students tragically passed away under Elliot Rodger’s gun, on top of that, he also injured 14 other students. Elliot Rodger planned to do a massive shooting for years, he finally carried out his plans in May 2014, causing the death of George Chen, James Hong, David Wang, Katherine Cooper, Christopher Martinez and Veronika Weiss.

The Connection between paper cranes and what happened in Isla Vista.

The tragedy left a deep wound in many students and families’ hearts. For a while, the grieving period was extremely difficult, so people gathered together as a community to help each other. There are many remembrance sites around UCSB campus and Isla Vista and paper cranes in the Student Resource Building is one of them. The students folded one thousand paper cranes, including six strands of blue paper cranes representing the six lives that were tragically taken away in May 2014. Paper cranes symbolized healing and peace, three years later, folding and hanging the paper cranes as a part of remembering what happened, showed that the community wanted to promote peace and taking the first step into healing. Also, it is to remind all of us that peace is what we need in this chaotic world.

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